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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Top Ten Expensive Phones in World

The most expensive mobile phones in World are less in number but we can not say them normal mobile phones because these mobile phones have features with highest quality in world and also these are Expensive Mobile Phones In World We can say after these mobile phones the mobile phone world ends and from these mobile phones the mobile phones world start Because if we discuss these mobile phones features so we can discuses in long time Most of expensive mobile phones in world are made up of Diamond and price of these mobile phones prices are in million Dollars So a poor or rich person can not think to buy these expensive mobile phones Only Richest person can buy these mobile phones But by struggling hardest You also can buy these expensive mobile phones in world Here is the list of Expensive Mobile phones In World

1.Sony Ericsson Black Diamond 

Before we discuss features of  Sony Erisson Black Diamond we should know that Sony Erisson Black Diamond is made up of Diamond Titanium and other useful and expensive products Company especially design this mobile phone for rich people and its features are highest quality camera results This mobile phone  is specially design for WIFI usage It means that to use WIFI this mobile phone will be best in world

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond price is $300,000

2.Goldvish .

Glodvish is also in list of most expensive mobile phone in world This company only creat Luxury Phones and accessories Goldvish Equilibrium also provide Luxury phones with Dual SIM This is new in this technology because most expensive mobile phone in world  Glodvish Equilibrium has Dual SIM option

Goldvish Price range in Million of Dollars

3.VIPN Black Diamond 

VIPN is one of best most expensive phone in world This mobile phone has 2.1 inch touch screen You also can use buttons This phone also operates on concept of window mobiles provide you an opportunity to insert SIM card and use This Diamond Phone

VIPN price is  $300,000

4.Goldstriker Iphone 3GS supreme 

The Iphone whose price is in million of Dollars GoldStriker Iphone 3GS is fully contruc with Diamond In this Diamond large LCD touch screen covering with Diamond coat Only one Diamond Button is present at middle This is top listed in most expensive mobile phones in world

Price Of Goldstriker Iphone 3GS is $3.2 Million

5.Diamond Crypto Smartphone 

Diamond Crypto smartphone is in top ranked expensive mobile phones in world This mobile phone is built with special technology It is not like smartphone which we use This smartphone is special in world as clear from image that Diamond crypto smartphone has buttons as well as touchscreen

Diamond crypto Smartphone price is $1.3 Million

6.Mobiado Luminose 

Mobiado Luminose mobile phone with more specifications 2.0 Megapixels camera Its screen is simple and carry buttons Its weight is about 132 g Mobiado Luminose also included in list of most expensive phones in world Mobiado Luminose also contains Video resulution property This phone is 3G

7.Iphone Princess Plus 

As its name is gorgeous so Its features are also good and awesome Iphone Princess Plus is fully constructed with Diamond as most expensive phones in world are all constructed of Diamond so this property is present in Iphone Princess Plus

Iphone Princess Plus Price Is 176,400

8.Iphone 5 Black Diamond 

One thing is clear from name that Iphone 5 Diamond is made up of diamond button which is only one present in it and large touch screen This is also fully constructed with diamond coatings I think so this is most expensive mobile phone in world because its price in million of dollars

Iphone 5 Diamond Price is  $15.3 Million The most expensive in world

9.Vertu Signature Cobra 

Vertu Signature Cobra also in this list because this phone also Luxury and its feature properties and all specifications are easy to use And its look is attractive 

Vertu Signature Cobra Price is $ 310,000

10.Ulysse Nardin,s The Chairman

This is smartphone and we can say this smartphone is world's first Hybrid smartphone according to company and This is also most expensive smartphone in world so It will also be include in most expensive mobile phones in world

Ulysse Nardin's smartphone price is $49000

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cheapest Smartphones in World

As we all know smartphones have basic importance in world and every person now a days want to but a smartphone Smartphones basically are of many kinds due to their features Expensive smartphones definitely have more features than cheapest smartphones but in these days every person wants to buy smartphone even he is rich or poor So All mobile phone companies  decided to manufacture smartphones for less prices Normally these are called as Cheapest Smartphones or Cheap smartphones  All these mobile phones have functions like other smartphones but not functions like others For example smartphones having low price definitely have low features like camera properties and others Therefore that is called as Cheapest Smartphone And smartphones having high price contain High camera results and other features In other words we can say every person can buy smartphones now a days Following are some Major Cheapest smartphones in world with little bit features and price

1.Samsung Galaxy Star 

samsung Galaxy star

Samsung Galaxy Star comes with good look and small in size and also low in price Google is on main homepage means when will you open this smartphone your enjoyment will start from that instant Samsung Galaxy Star lack secondary camera but its primary camera is good enough We can say due to its low price this smartphone can easily buy and with its features this smartphone is like other Samsung smartphones This phone is cheapest smartphone in world

Samsung Galaxy star Price Is $100

2.LG Optimus L3 II

The Smartphone with lowest price and highest features LG Optimus L3 II If a person has no money to buy expensive smartphones so he can buy this Cheapest smartphone with high quality camera results and large Touchscreen It also has so many other features like Google Play Gmail Google Browserwhich give you a chance to use this smartphone like expensive one This is top 2nd Cheapest smartphone in world

LG Optimus L3 II Price Is $125

3.Micromax A116 Convas HD

Micromas A116 Convas HD

We give Micromass A116 Convas price of this smartphone is less as compared to others but also results of this smartphone are awesome This smartphone contains both primary and secondary camera option Its weight is about 157 g So you can easily use this mobile phones and keep it in your hands This smartphone gives you an opportunity to have a smartphone in low price and HD results

Micromax A116 Convas HD price is $128

4.Orange San Diego

Orange San Diego

This smartphone Orange San Diego is counted as one of cheapest smartphones in world As people think that this Smartphone will have less features but no this is not true This smartphone has 8 Megapixels camera with 16GB internal memory HD voice and video capture This mobile phone also has Android OS which people mostly like and want to buy This mobile phone from Orange You can use this smartphone as well as its features comfortably Its screen is about 4 Inch with 3D results so This smartphones give you opportunity to buy if you have less amount to buy

Orange San Diego Price is  $145 

5.Samsung Galaxy Young 

Some of its features have been discussed in image that Samsung Galaxy Young is Android Phone with all entertaining features 1GB processor which is not explained in image and also 4GB internal memory This is included in cheapest smartphones list This is the smartphone which you will like to buy and we you will enjoy it

Samsung Galaxy Yound Price is $150

6.LG Optimus L4 II

Image of LG Optimus L4 II confirms that this mobile phone is Dual SIM however it is not available in major countries of world because it is recently released smartphone You can buy this if you can not buy high price Lg Smartphones Its main display screen is large and about 3.8 inches large LG Optimus L4 II gives you a chance to use smartphone even in low price

LG Optimus L4 II Price Is $170

7.HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

Now Come to HTC Desire C This mobile phone is also in cheapest smartphones list for its features and less price HTC Desire C have features like 600MHz processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory You can buy HTC Desire C in low price because it is in one of cheapest smartphones list Its camera result is also awesome and features we discussed also good enough to enjoy this HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C Price is $ 186

8.Karbonn S5 Titanium

This Smartphone is also very cheap and easy to buy It is available in many colors like Black Grey Soft Jelly Silicon Its camera is Megapixels with many other features In this phone secondary camera option is also present This smartphone is release in month of May 2013 You can buy this smartphone in less price

Karbonn S5 Titanium Price is $125

9.Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 ranked number 5 This is because this smartphone is popular and good enough therefore we give number five ranking to Nokia Lumia 520 This smartphone was released in month of April 2013 Now this smartphone got top ranked position in Nokia history because its popularity is too much and features are also good therefore we give number five to Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 Price Is $200

10.Huawei Ascend W1

Huawei ascend W1

Huawei Ascend W1 is also in list of Cheapest smartphones in world These all cheapest smartphones are made up for those people who can not buy Expensive smartphones Now Huawei Ascend W1 comes with following features like Microsoft Windows 8 Long time Battery with Multitouch property In this phone all qualities or features present which are essential for Smartphones

  Huawei Ascend W1 Price Is is $249